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    Controlled Environmental Agriculture
    • Controlled Environmental Agriculture
    • Controlled Environmental Agriculture
    • Controlled Environmental Agriculture
    Controlled Environmental Agriculture
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    The application of LED in biological agriculture (full control of intelligent Agriculture) 

          In recent years, the market of CEA (Controlled Environmental Agriculture) featured with artificial lighting is booming worldiwde thanks to the rapid development of industrialized agriculture and commercial LED technology, and this generates new requirements for LED applications as well as the emerging market opportunity. 

    With our experience and resources in LED sector for many years, we have developed several series of illunimation products as below for agriculture and horticulture, which were well qualified by more than 10 typical users with obvious advantages over the counterpart items by other vendors.

    Compact Light Source for Specific Wavelength Recipe

          Dual wavelength (450, 660nm) with fixed ratio (UV, FIR optional) by popular forms as tube, high bay lamps etc.  Advantages: High efficiency, good light quality, long lifetime and low cost

    Light Source for Seedling or Tissue Culturing

          With innovative design for shape and heat sink, dual or multi wavelength available, dimmable for intensity and light quality with illuminance uniformity above 85%, suitable for commercial seedling and tissue cultivation. Advantages: Good reliability and flexibility with good performance for uniformity.

    Hi-power Smart Illumination Plate for CEA

          With innovative design of heat sink and secondary optics, the hi-power light source has multi wavelength (400~800nm)with intensity and light quality programmable. The product integrates with hi-end LED devices and IoT-friendly control interface, can deliver good performance for efficiency and uniformity, and is the best choice for CEA application and academic labs.

    Turn-key Solution for Plant-Growing Light Environment

          Together with our experienced partners of horticulture, we can deliver turn-key solution of lighting enviromont, including design, building and management.