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    Mar 13, 2015 Mr Tieying Liu, the Chief of Sci&Tech Bureau of Baoding City and Mr Jianbao Wang, the General Manager of Golden Sunlight Energy Equipment Co have visited the College of Engineering, PKU to meet the vice dean Prof Duoxiang Wang, also the president of BICI (Beijing Inst. of Collaborative Innovation). Both parties have exchanged the views on many topics including the over-all cooperation between Baoding and BICI, the introduction for talents and projects and the possibility of establishing a Technology Transfer Base in Baoding.
    May 18, 2105 Three strategical parnters (PKU, Golden Sunlight Energy Equipment Co  and Shijiazhuang Houtu Real Estate Co) of Sino Innovation Semiconductor Co has attended “Langfang International Economy-Trading Fair 2015”.
    Jul 6~7, 2015 Prof Duoxiang Wang, the president of BICI, Dr Yongjian Sun and Dr Yue Wu have visited Baoding City to arrange the follow-up jobs and discussions on the collabration between Baoding and BICI.
    Oct 12~13, 2015 Prof Zizhao Gan, Prof Bo Shen of Physics School of PKU and Prof Guoyi Zhang (president of the Research Center for Wide Gap Semiconductor of PKU), Dr Yongjian Sun (associate researcher of College of Engineering of PKU) and Mr GP Wang (associate researcher of Inst of Photo-Electronics, PKU) have visited Baoding to meet with Mr Dong Jiang (the deputy mayor) and Mr Zhikui Zhang (the director of Baoding Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone) for the discussion on the cooperation business.
    May 18, 2016 Sino Innovation Semiconductor Co was officially registered in Baoding Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone.
    Aug 12~14, 2016 The PKU delegation (Prof Zizhao Gan and Prof Guoyi Zhang ) has visited Baoding  to meet with the Mayor Mr. Yufeng Ma and other governmetn officials of Baoding Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. Both parties disucss the strategy of the PKU spin-off, Sino-Innovation Semiconductor Co and the follow-up jobs about the deals in “Langfang International Economy-Trading Fair 2015”. Dr Yongjian Sung and Wang have also joined the discussion.
    Sep 6, 2016 As the joint R&D with Baoding Golden Sunlight Energy Equipment Co., the team for “Process and Key Equipment for Hi-Power Vertical LED Chip” was successfully selected as “Higher Tier Innovative Team of Hebei Prov”.
    Sep 27, 2016 Sino Innovation Semiconductor Co has attended the Signing Ceremony of Baoding-Zhongguancun Innovation Center, as one of the tier-1 companies headquarted here.