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    Professors, researchers and PhDs from PKU are attracted to join Sino-Innovation Semiconductors Co., and the team members have solid experience in nitride materials and equipments. 

    公司董事長 王建保

    Mr. Jianbao Wang, Board Chairman

    Senior engineer with MBA degree of Tsinghua University, General Manager of Baoding Golden Sunlight Energy Equipment Technology Co.; Director of Academician Workstation for Hi-Efficiency Battery Equipment Manuafacturing Technology, Research Center for Hi-Efficiency & Clean Battery Plate Manufacturing Equipment;  Honors of Baoding Entrepreneurship Starduring 2014-2016.

    With his remarkable insight and prospective strategy, Mr. Wang has been making breakthroughs of battery equipment technology and successfully developed multiple of leading proccesses and tools, so he was honored with “innovative geek”. The equipment products were well accepted by the customers worldwide and sold to more than 10 countries and areas including Italy, Japan, Korea, South America etc.

    Mr Wang owns 40 patents and has published more than 10 academic papers as well as 1 local Industrial Standard.

    公司董事、 技術團隊帶頭人 張國義

    Prof Guoyi Zhang, Board Member and the head of Advisory Board

    Senior professor in PKU for physics, director of the Research Center for Wide Gap Semiconductors of PKU, and the vice president of Dongguan Opto-Electronics Institute of PKU. 

    Prof Guoyi Zhang has been engaging in the research and development for semiconductor physics of devices, opto-electronics and MOCVD epitaxy. As the member of Expert Panel for National HTRDP (863 Plan) and Solid-State-Lighting Committee of “Tenth-Five-Year Plan” , Prof Zhang has obtained more than 20 patents, with one for Silver Medal of Hongkong International Invention 2000, one for Silver Medal of National Invention Fair 2005, one for the 4th Prize of State Tech Invention Award, as well as another for the 2nd Prize of State Education Award. 

    公司董事 總經理 孫永健

    Dr Yongjian Sun, General Manager and Board Member

    As PhD in physics and Assoiciate Prof. of College of Engineering PKU, Dr Sun was the director of Semiconductor Research Center in Institute of Innovation of PKU, the executive president of Xiamen Innovation Institute, PKU and the deputy director of Baotou Innovation Institute, PKU.

    Dr Sun is engaged in research and development for the 3rd Generation semiconductors for many years, and has applied above 30 patents including 6 PCT. Dr Sun has taken multiple research projects with leadership in National 863 Plan, National Science Fund and Key Projects of Guangdong. He also acted as R&D director in Sino Nitride Semiconductor Co as one of the cofounders.


    公司副總經理 王光普

    Mr. GP Wang, Vice President


    Mr Wang is an associate researcher in Inst. of Opto-Electronics, PKU with backelor degree in material science and master degree in economics. As a cofounder of Sino Nitride Semiconductor Co, he has acted positions such as marketing diretor.